Sunday, March 29, 2009

Postage stamps and Currancy of the Azad Hind

Contributed By - Shikha Aggarwal India

Azad Hind 1947 Copper India 2 coins

Azad Hind 2 anna 1947

Azad Hind 1 anna 1947

The Azad Hind Commemorative coin

The Bank of Independent Commemorative Bose-Hitler note

Subhas Chandra Bose at right Colors of this note may not be accurate.
SB111 100

SB.UNL 500

Subhas Chandra Bose at right Colors of this note may not be accurate.

Subhas Chandra Bose at right

J.1.2, SB.106 10 Rupees

By April 1944, the Azad Hind Bank was established in Rangoon to manage the overwhelming donations from the Indian communities.

Unreleased stamp produced
in 1943 in Germany
'Azad Hind Propaganda Postage Stamp '

Unreleased postage stamps
of the 'Azad Hind Government'.

A Postwar Envelope bearing
the “Azad Hind” Stamps

THE famous AZAD HIND issue (Free India ) Struck by Adolph Hitler and the Japanese War Lords to be used when their armied Liberated India .Discovered in Hitlers underground vault after W.W. II


  1. Its nice to see. I have all stamps of Azad Hind Government. I want to know that where these stamps were used .Seal on envelope is not clearly

  2. Hello - did the Azad Hind stamps have a watermark?
    If so, what was it?
    Thanks, Duggie.

  3. SAM- Nice collecation!

  4. doubt that these were found in hitler's vault, as they were so widely sold to collectors in the '60's. must have been a block-long vault! they were un-perf., not watermarked as i remember, and looked pretty cheap. never saw one postmarked! or currency .thanks. the whole idea was to undermine british control of india the currency gives this less of a pie- in- the sky feel than the crude stamps.

  5. hi dear sir / medam i am interested to your Postage stamps and Currancy of the Azad Hind. so plz contact to my cell no. 09839507050

  6. I have one more Azad Hind stamp not mentioned any where on sotes a man with dhoti and in hand a sword dipcting stamp is in my collection.

  7. were can I buy these sort of stamps

  8. I have collection of imperf pairs but not getting 8a+12a and 1R.+2R. please help to get me to complete the collection.... Also I want to complete the collection in perf variety... and the coins, notes... pl help...Rajesh, Indore (9039202151) Thanks

  9. can I purchase any of these coins.