Friday, March 13, 2009

Stamp Release- 2009 --DR.K.K.BIRLA

Technical Details :

Category: Personality


Date Of Issue: 13-Mar-2009

Denomination: 500(Ps)

No/Issue Sheet: 40

Printing Process: Wet Offset

Nos. Printed: 0.8 Million

Printer: India Security Press, Nasik

Description -

The life of Krishna Kumar Birla can be seen as a chapter in the history of independent India. Patriot, industrialist and philanthropist. Birla not only played his part in the run-up to the independence of the nation but was protagonist in the nation-building excercise that followed 1947. A true visionary, he saw that a strong and prosperous India was wedded to the Nehruvian nation of industrially robustness. Both as an industrialist as well as a philathropist. Birla saw entrepreneur as a firm route to serving the nation. Born in Pilani, in the Jhunjhunu District of Rajasthan on November 11, 1918. India Post is proud to issue a stamp on Dr.K.K.Birla.

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