Friday, February 20, 2009

'The Pride of India Collection'

Sent by Shikha Aggarwal
refers to 'The Pride of India Collection' recently brought out by Hallmark Group which has been authorised by India Post to make out 24 - carat gold plated, Swiss silver replicas of 25 selected stamps issued by India Post.
It costs Rs 6000 each and complete set c
osts Rs 150,000.
The complete set is only on sale on monthly installment of Rs 6000 and individual replicas cannot be purchased.
This collection is only for a specific group of collectors.
There are many who want select replicas like of Mahatma Gandhi, Taj Mahal or Madhubala as these themes are always favourite with collectors.
It would have been very nice if select replicas are also put on sale to make popular among all groups of collectors. Because to spend Rs 150,000 on complete set is beyond limit of a common collector.
I hope if the concerned authorities of India Post take up this matter and persuade Hallmark Group for individual sale of replicas it will be appreciated by whole philatelic community.
By - Jeevan Joyti, Kullu